2016 was quite stressful for my at work, now we have made some changes in the organisation and everything is more balanced now.

Had to give up running for a while but I am hoping to get back to that as well. Really need to di some yoga too to become more felixble.

Publishing my first Udemy course at the beginning of summer was a big thing for me, really happy I decided to do that.

I am currently working on learning three new study songs by Joe Filisko. There is no Trossingen-event this year sadly but I want to be ready for 2018! To prepare even more I am brushing up on my German with the Duolingo-app. We drove around Germany for a week during the summer and I really felt at a loss that my German wasn’t better.

I am also working on getting a new course on Udemy and studying to become a better instructor.

I have taken up songwriting again, really looking forward to that. Working on a fifth position song at the moment but it will take some time to finish.