The summer has really kicked in and this year I have taken advantage of the sunny days much more than usual. Started training weightlifting with my daugther and I have even managed to start running again. The scale is showing less kilos so I think I am on the right track now. The kitchen renovation is booked now and will happen after the summer.

Harmonica practice is going well and I have started to think about what to perform on stage at Harmonica Masters Workshops this year. I will try to get as much feedback as possible.

My German studies are going along nicely and I think I will be in good shape for when I go to Trossingen this fall. The plane tickets are booked now and my hotel reservation was done early. I have started scripting my next Skillshare course which is a huge step forward. This time I will make a beginners course which I think will fit a lot of people..

I have bought some new vinyls of older recordings of harmonica players, there is a wealth of recordings to be discovered. Fun to have them on vinyl. I need to do more transcriptions to figure out what those guys did so I can improve myself.