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Blues Harmonica Kaizen Welcome Package!

Blues Harmonica Kaizen is the website for anyone who wants to become a better blues harmonica player. Every week there is a new article that will help you improve. Stop wasting your time and put your effort into learning what really matters! You can learn more about the story behind Blues Harmonica Kaizen on the About page.

If you subscribe to the Blues Harmonica Kaizen Newsletter you will recieve the Welcome Package that currently consists of:

  • Three jam tracks with a number of 12 bar blues variations
  • The “Positions and scales PDF” outlining the blues scale in all positions
  • The “How to Change Position Cheat Sheet” PDF letting you quickly translated between first, second, third and fourth position.

I also suggest you visit Skillshare through this link to access my teaching material (you get a couple of free weeks of Skillshare if you sign up through the link).

You can also find the course “Learn to play awesome 12 bar blues harmonica solos” on Udemy.

Watch this video for more information about the online course:

In addition to the Welcome Package you will also get exclusive articles not published on the Blues Harmonica Kaizen page or elsewhere.

If you are looking for recommendations on which harmonica to buy then read this article!

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