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Learning to play blues harmonica can be really rewarding, it can also be very frustrating. Having a teacher is a great way to keep on track and to get feedback on what you do well and what needs more improvement. I offer private lessons as well as group lessons in the Landskrona-Lund area in Sweden. If you live elsewhere I also offer lessons via Skype as well as feedback via e-mail. In 2014 I became an accredited teacher through


I have published my “Blues Harmonica for Absolute Beginners” course on Skillshare. Skillshare is basically like Netflix for online learning. One membership fee to access all premium courses on the platform. By signing up through the links above you will get a great deal on the membership fee to start with.


I have also published an online course at Udemy for people who want to become better at playing solos, you will find the “Learn to play awesome 12 bar blues harmonica solos” course here.

Currently I have a hard time fitting provate students into my schedule.

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