Blues Harmonica Beginner Course Published

About three weeks ago I published my new blues harmonica beginner course on Skillshare, titled “Blues Harmonica for Absolute Beginners”. The course is meant for anyone just starting out with blues harmonica. It can also be useful for anyone who wants to make sure their basics are solid. Just skip the parts you already know. Filming these courses are a lot of fun, although also a bit frustrating sometimes. I don’t have a big production team behind me so I do it all myself. These courses are a way for me to be able to reach out to more people than I would otherwise be able to. Blues harmonica has given me so much so I want to share it with as many people as possible.

Very briefly this is the contents of the course:

  • Holding the harmonica
  • Proper breathing technique
  • Playing train imitations
  • Basic accompaniment playing techniques
  • 12 bar blues form
  • Single note playing using the tongue block embouchure
  • Two different practice songs to study and record over a supplied jam track

This blues harmonica beginner course is the perfect first step before moving on to my other course on Skillhare, “Learn to Play Awesome 12 Bar Blues Harmonica Solos”. The good thing with the Skillshare model is that when you sign up you get access to both of them and a whole lot of other classes as well. If you use the links in this article you also get 2 free premium months. Here is a short promo video:

I really hope you will find this course helpful and I plan to add more courses in the future. Let me know which topics you would like to see.

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