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Fredrik is an engineer, blues harmonica teacher and blues harmonica player. Finding ways to brining the mind and body together has always been a part of Fredrik’s interests. Follow his Blues Harmonica Kaizen by Fredrik Hertzberg Facebook page
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Planning Blues Harmonica Video Serieses

Right now I am planning to film a number of short videos with tips for you about Blues Harmonica. The first series I am planning is about how to practice as efficiently as possible. It will be a series in 10 parts and will be published on my Facebook page, make sure to like it to get the videos as soon as possible! If you would like to see a video on any specific topic, let me know in the comments. 

Also check out my latest Facebook post with me practicing one of my current focus songs

Beginner Course in the Pipe

Right now I am preparing a beginner course that will be run together with Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan in Landskrona. I am very excited about this and I hope we get enough students to start the course. 

Link to Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Västra Skåne

I’ll post more info later when dates etc are set. Most likely this will happen during fall. 

Bass line studies paying off!

My bass lines studies at Bluesharmonica.com are starting to pay off big time! Really pleased with that. If fits well in with my studies of improvisation, I now understand how important the chord tones are to soloing/improvisation and the bass line studies are ingraining the chord tones very well.

I used to think that “blue notes” were the real killers in soloing, how wrong I was. Blue notes are just for spicing things up and without a lot of chord tones around them they will simply just sound akward. I guess I have been playing more chord tones and scale tones than I have realized before but becoming aware of what you are doing is always a good thing.

Another great benefit is that the V-IV-I or specifically the V-chord which has caused me troubles before I now have a plan for. It is a great chord to introduce some new tones and some freshness in the riffs. Quite powerful stuff.

Are you studying bass lines?

Studying bass lines

Part of the LOA program at BluesHarmonica.com is music theory study and accompaniment playing. Right now I am studying how to use various tones in soloing and bass lines for accompaniment playing. I have had quite a few revelations in the process. My mix of chord tones vs other tones have been completely off and now I know why. Also, the V-chord is much less mysterious now.